Webb Accelerator Content Delivery Network, CDN

Powerful features without limitations
Every visitor on a website requests pictures, video, audio and text from the web server. Complex websites, CMS tool, and e-commerce requires more server resources per visitor. As the community grows, so do the demands on server capacity and availability.

Webb Accelerator
Web Accelerator is located between the visitor and the Web server. By temporarily storing images, video, audio, text, etc. in high speed storage cells, the loading time of the website accelerates dramatically. The Web Accelerators only job is to reflect Websites lightning speed without affecting the underlying IT infrastructure. The Web accelerator even relieves the underlying IT infrastructure.

Benefits of the Web Accelerator
  • Faster load times of website, CMS tool, E-commerce
  • Saves up to 96% of server resources
  • Protects Web server against Internet threats
  • Protection against high load and DDOS *
  • Redundancy with Web Accelerator Clusters
  • Load balancing between web servers
  • Greater reliability

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