Efficient Advertising Agency®

We know from experience that every industry has its own specific needs of IT-infrastructure. An advertisement agency requires fast and reliable servers, syncing of information between offices, reliable internet access, full mobility and high security. We have put ourselves into these needs and processes and created an IT-infrastructure for the modern advertising agencies. – Efficient Advertising Agency®

To meet the individual needs of IT-infrastructure, is the Efficient Advertising Agency® scalable. This means that we can do the necessary adjustments needed to make it fit you and your employees as well as taking into account the ambition and resources.

You always have a personal team on hand to give you support, develope and upgrade your IT-infrastructure as the business changes.

What you get:
+ A personal team
+ Analysis of the IT-infrastructure and activity
+ Specialist in IT-infrastructure at an advertisement agency
+ Implementation of IT-infrastructure
+ Free support and regular maintenance
+ Ongoing development and upgrades
+ At regular intervals we arrange client meetings on different themes!

A personal team
We put together a team that best understands the agencies needs for IT-infrastructure. You always have a responsible person available that solves everything. You come at different times to meet one or more people in the team to optimize your solution.

Analysis of the IT-infrastructure and activity
The project starts with that we along with you conduct a review of IT-infrastructure. What should we do so that all advertisement agencies become as efficient as possible? Once we have determined the needs we begin work on the activity plan. It is a documentation base and becomes a support for the ongoing work of the IT-infrastructure.

Specialist in IT-infrastructure at an advertisement agency
We have full control of what the advertisement agency needs are in their daily work. An important part is the website / websites: the need for a fast and reliable web and access to internal information and documents. Staff need to communicate securely efficiently between offices to each other. Be accessible to customers, wherever they are.

Implementation of IT-infrastructure
Our job should be barely perceptible, you must feel that we have never seen. If it would be something we'll fix it right away, just contact any of your personal team.

PIN vs. traditional solution
Efficient Advertising Agency®Traditional solution
Comprehensive solutions in IT-infrastructure May pick a solution for yourself and administer
One contact solves everything Many providers - many contacts
Our responsibility when it does not work Unclear responsibilities
Price per employee More difficult to get a grip on IT costs
Shorter processes from needs to implementation Needs, documentation, quotation, approval, planning, execution
No surprises because the level of ambition controls Often hidden costs arise in order for further development which were not mentioned

This is included
  • Premium Internet – Fiber.
  • RemoteApp – File server in the cloud.
  • Co-location of own systems.
  • Automatic Backup systems and laptop / PC.
  • Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2010.
  • Spamfix – Anti-spam.
  • SMS Gateway – SMS distribution to customers.
  • Virus protection for all physical devices from phone to PC with Kaspersky.

  • Free access to support on email and telephone
  • Operational monitoring in real time with action during malfunction