Per TeraByte From 41 /month

Bulk Storage

Store large amount of data in our datacenters
PIN Bulk Storage is the future of STaaS - Storage As A Service for online storage of large amounts of data. By outsourcing all your storage to our flexible storage platform, you can easily grow to 650 Terabyte storage capacity.

Bulk Storage strength is to store large amounts of data in the long- term safe and secure

Uploading and downloading is done easily via FTP, SFTP or a SSL-protected web interface provided by PIN.

All data is stored securly in our STaaS service which is placed in our datacenters in Sweden. Your business critical information never leaves the borders of Sweden.

Cloud Service
It is now possible to access PINs Premium services in a single control panel. By creating a PIN Cloud account on the right, you get access to this service and many other cloud services that can easily be scaled to meet your or your customers requirements.