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Automatic Online Backup

Secure server backup at different geographcial location
PIN Online Backup archives documents, databases and files to ensure that your information exists in case your server is stolen, set on fire, or if the hard drive crashes. After each backup job that has been performed, a status report is sent via email. If an accident occurs, simply download your backup, alternatively it can be delivered as a DVD or external hard drive. The backup data is stored on disk system located in our Datacenters in Gothenburg, Sweden

With PIN's Automatic Backup you avoid as a customer to invest in your own backup systems, maintenance, and all manual labor.

Secure data on your laptop with Online Backup
PIN's Automatic Backup creates a backup of your servers, and / or PC client. The backup is sent with encryption over your existing Internet connection to PINs backup system located in our own data center. In our data center, backups are stored encrypted on disk systems. This process is automatic.

System Requirements for the backup client
Microsoft 2003, 2008, 2012, Windows 7, 8, Linux, Unix, Mac.

Advantages with Online backup
  • Backups data to another geographical location.
  • Automatically backs up every day, even on holidays.
  • No investment cost.

Cloud Service
It is now possible to access PINs Premium services in a single control panel. By creating a PIN Cloud account on the right, you get access to this service and many other cloud services that can easily be scaled to meet your or your customers requirements.