10gb From 4 /month


Store and share your files anywhere, whenever you want!
ownCloud is a system which gives you the possibility to have full control over your files. The service allows you to synchronize your files between different computer and phones. You can easily manage your files via software on computer, via tools on the web or via app on phone. You choose which files and folders get synchronized.

Share your files between colleagues and external users
You can easily through rights share files and documents between colleagues and employees. Its also possible to share files with external users, outside of your organisation. A really smooth way of share big files and documents instead of mailing them.

Web interface
Through the web interface you can access your files no matter where you are, only thing you need is access to a browser. You can also manage file rights through the web interface, you can decide which colleagues are allowed to see the files and also if they are allowed to edit or read only.

App on your phone
The app is available for Android and iPhone. Via the phone you can access your files, even upload and share files with your colleagues.

All data is stored securely in our computer halls in Gothenburg. Your business critical information never leaves the borders of Sweden.

Cloud Service
It is now possible to access PINs Premium services in a single control panel. By creating a PIN Cloud account on the right, you get access to this service and many other cloud services that can easily be scaled to meet your or your customers requirements.