Easy to manage with flexible capacity

Premium Cloud-Service®
The cloud is a technology that binds together different IT infrastructure services in a datacenter to a more simple and efficient login. In our Cloud web portal you can create powerful Virtual Servers (VPS), Server Backup Protection or Microsoft Exchange accounts, etc. To the entire company and only pay for the time the service is used.

Cloud computing is a technology with scalable resources such as processing power, storage, applications, and applications that work over the internet with unlimited users. You no longer need to have the technical knowledge or control of the IT infrastructure. Because we take a full security responsibility, your company can fully focus on IT.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
Amongst our Cloud Services with your own IT infrastructure.
We tailor solutions that combine cloud services with your existing IT solution, traditional hosting services. Our Cloud services are available in all Data Centers which creates a closeness to your hardware. IaaS services that we deliver today: AD, LDAPserver, Storage, Load Balancers, Varnishproxy.

What you get:
+ No more worries about computers and servers that fails
+ Reaching the information via various hardware
+ Buy only computing power you need when you need it
+ Lower costs for software and support

We take full responsibility for ensuring that the IT infrastructure will work around the clock. Our commitment is also free support and ongoing maintenance, so the daily operation can be as efficient as possible. The package is scalable, which means that you get the right level at the right price.

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