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Spamfix spamfilter

No installation - no maintenance
PIN's Spam filter is a system that scans email at the domain level. By pointing your domain's email to our spam filter; email is cleaned from spam and viruses before being sent to your e-mail server.

Our anti spam system allows users to access a Web interface where it is possible to adjust settings, view reports and statistics.

Stop all spam and junk mail
Our spam filter stops all spam and junk mail before they reach your computer / server. You save time by not having to clean up your inbox from spam. You do not risk losing important emails among the spam emails.

- Scans all emails for viruses and malware. You do not risk your computer infected by viruses via email or other malware.

Advantages with Spam Filter
  • No local installation is required by the mail server.
  • Operators and hosting independence.
  • Our system buffers email if the email server fails.

Cloud Service
It is now possible to access PINs Premium services in a single control panel. By creating a PIN Cloud account on the right, you get access to this service and many other cloud services that can easily be scaled to meet your or your customers requirements.