Premium it-security®

PIN Premium it-security® is responsible for protecting the company's valuable assets such as information, hardware and software. PIN Premium it-security® handles protection against spam and foreign visitors who for any reason can damage the organization.

IT security is often about understanding the threats, manage probabilities of being exposed to harm as well as to balance the costs of countermeasures for protection against the value of what you are protecting.

An important element of IT security, data security, amongst other things, means to protect yourself from hackers and viruses or theft of information on a computer or in a network as well as to have working methods so that the information is not inadvertently destroyed.

What you get:
+ Risk analysis - the threats to your security
+ Security solutions for your IT environment
+ Solutions against the invisible threat of viruses and trojans

Risk analysis - the threats to your security
As today's systems become more complex, it is difficult for a network administrator to acquire the expertise in critical areas. Meanwhile, viruses, trojans, worms and hacking programs become more advanced and to a greater extent publicly available.

IT security is an area that often becomes a low priority due to lack of sufficient knowledge in the field.

Defining a threat and calculate COST based on a risk analysis is a great satisfaction to prepare the organization for future incidents.

Security solutions for your IT environment
PIN premium it-security simplifies administration and increases the security of workstations. The service guarantees the end user a smooth IT environment and simplifies the system administrator's work in the configuration. You always have 24 hour support, all year round.

Solutions against the invisible threat of viruses and trojans
From being skilled programmers who want to test their skills and see how fast their innocuous programs can be spread over the world's computers, it is now largely organized gangs who make money on the spread of the virus.Some computer viruses will open in conjunction with infecting services on the affected computers so that they act as a hub and remote computing slave in the denial of service attacks.

A virus is an unwanted and often also a hostile small program that infects other programs and data files by including a version of himself. Diversification occurs within a single computer. A virus can not spread itself to other computers, but spread when sending e-mail, attachments, dealer programs, sending disks or files to another user who then suddenly also has the virus.

Most new computers sold have been provided with a lot of "free versions" of software that lie and take up space, both on disk and in memory of the computer. Applications that you might not have any use for whatsoever and as a rule, trial versions are something you have to buy in order to actually be able to use them.

PIN premium it-security offers the best protection from viruses and trojans.

We take full responsibility for ensuring that the IT infrastructure to work around the clock. Our commitment also lies in our free support and regular maintenance, all this so the daily operations are as efficient as possible. The package is scalable, which means that you get the right level at the right price.

Premium it-security includes:
  • Secure File Server Online - Stores all documents central to our Data centers
  • Spam and Virus Protection for Email, Spamfix
  • Automatic backup of servers and personnel computers
  • Active Antivirus for Computer / Laptop to all staff.
  • Co-location, Dedicated Server Hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) safely in Data centers

  • Up to 10 people 29 Euro/person
  • Up to 50 people 25 Euro/person
  • Up to 150 people 20 Euro/person

Price example:
The above price examples gives you a hint of what your cost will be if you use the whole package. Since some services are office bound, prices will change per employee with number of offices. Contact us and we will do a review of your IT infrastructure and take out a price based on your needs.