From 126 /month

Dedicated Server in Sweden

Does your company need full server security?
A dedicated server with PIN gives more of everything for companies that want to run a little heavier websites, which have many visitors or other needs. We offer dedicated servers that are equipped with ultra-fast hard drives and the most modern processors. We offer premium solutions throughout the entire chain; we are responsible for our own data centers, a network of high-speed Internet as well as servers, operating systems, and other related IT infrastructure. We have been specialists in the field since 1999.

PIN gives you maximum freedom and security with managed hosting
Your dedicated server located in our secure data center where all components are monitored around the clock and any errors are resolved with minimal time commitment.

Within our server we also offer our Premium Service (SLA-Service Level Agreement) as a supplementary service which enables application monitoring and access to operating personnel around the clock, year round.

No expensive investments
With a dedicated server solution from PIN, you avoid investing in hardware, software, operating environment such as Cooling, UPS, Diesel etc. as well as expertise in server operations. PIN lowers your overall costs and will remain as a stable and reliable partner who will be working as your IT-support.

Advantages with Managed hosting
  • We own the entire chain - data center, internet, hardware and OS.
  • Cash flow - Instead of buying a total solution, it's rented per month.
  • We can rent out high-end applications and operating systems OS, Exchange, Office, Cirtix, Vmware.
  • We can connect the server system with the customer's office / staff with VPN.
  • Three data centers for higher redundancy.
  • We can offer the Cisco Firewall with load balancer for www-traffic.
  • Fast repair time on malfunction around the clock.
  • Scalable solution since it is easy to grow in both hardware and Internet force.